Năm mới ngổn ngang của Abe và Abenomics

Khi Bắc Kinh đang tiếp tục tiến trình hiện đại hóa quân đội mạnh mẽ, ông Abe có lẽ đang tiến thoái lưỡng nan bởi phải lựa chọn ưu tiên giữa mục tiêu kinh tế và vấn đề an ninh.Người Nhật đang chuẩn bị đón mừng năm mới 2015, năm thứ 142 kể từ khi … Continue reading Năm mới ngổn ngang của Abe và Abenomics

The Chinese trade behemoth

To avoid losing out in trade pacts with China, Asean must move up the value chain and increase its competitiveness No country has more advantages to trade with Asean member states than China. Benefitting from its vicinity to the region and a free-trade agreement (FTA) with the bloc, signed more than a decade ago, China is … Continue reading The Chinese trade behemoth

China-Vietnam dispute in a nutshell

  The recent tensions between Vietnam and China have rocked the peaceful Asia-Pacific region. Here is the basic background. As a Vietnamese national, I try to keep this as objective as possible.   What happened? In early May 2014, China moved a giant drilling rig, named HD-981, into the area claimed by both China and … Continue reading China-Vietnam dispute in a nutshell

Leadership in Asia: The Saints are marching out

Asian society will be better off without idolizing their leaders These are sad days in Vietnam, when millions are mourning for their national hero Vo Nguyen Giap, the mastermind behind Vietnam’s historic victories against colonial France and the United States, who passed away on October 4.  The “Red Napoleon,” as his enemies call him, was … Continue reading Leadership in Asia: The Saints are marching out