Media appearance

I occasionally comment on Vietnamese politics:

Asia Time (2022).Why Vietnam doesn’t squeeze its super-rich tycoons.

ABC (2022). Vietnam was once praised for its pandemic response. Now a COVID corruption scandal has brought down its health minister

Asia Time (2022). Hanoi shy to leave Moscow for the West over Ukraine.

AP News (2021). Vietnam National Assembly selects prime minister, president.

AFP (2021). Vietnam’s pandemic response leader sworn in as president.

The Economist (2021). Hammered and sickled: Vietnam’s Communist Party is in a weaker position than it seems.

BBC (2021). Vietnam’s party congress picks new communist leaders.

Financial Times (2021). Vietnam’s Communists convene away from prying eyes to choose leaders.

AP News (2021). Ruling Communist Party to set Vietnam’s course this week.

Asia Times (2020). Why Vietnam fears Biden as much as Trump.

FD (Dutch, 2021). Vietnam: van rijzende ster naar regionale grootmacht

BBC Vietnamese Service (2021). Nhận định quanh phương án ông Nguyễn Phú Trọng tiếp tục làm Tổng Bí thư.

SCMP (2020). Vietnam dodged the coronavirus bullet, so why are its workers struggling?

Nikkei Asian Review (2019). Second Trump-Kim summit set for Feb 27-28 in Vietnam.

Associated Press/Washington Post (2018). Vietnam parliament elects Communist Party chief as president.

Nikkei Asian Review (2018). Vietnam edges toward China’s model of centralized rule.

Asia Time (2018). All of Vietnam’s power is in Trong’s hands.

BBC World Service (2018 – Vietnamese). What does China want in the Mekong sub – region?

Reuters (2017). Despite strains, Vietnam and China forge closer economic ties.

Bloomberg (2017). Asia-Pacific Trade Deal May Get Second Lease on Life Without U.S.

Bloomberg (2017). Vietnam: Move to Independent Labor Unions Stalls.