My research

My research focuses mostly on Vietnamese politics. My current research tries to explain why state capacity varies in authoritarian regimes, and the impacts of this variation for their prospects of resilience and political change using the comparative case study of two within-typology authoritarian regimes (Vietnam and China).

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Here is the list of some of my reseacrh:


Nguyen, K.G.; Nguyen, Q.T(2018). Civil Society in Vietnam – an Institutional Approach. Danang Publishing House. ISBN: 978-604-84-3453-3. Vietnam’s Best Book in Economics in 2019 Award, Institute of Education (IRED).  (Vietnamese)

Nguyen D.T., Nguyen K.G., Vu S.C. (2015), The socio-economic costs of state-funded mass organizations in Vietnam. Hanoi: Hong Duc Publishing House. ISBN: 978-604-86-6964-5. (Vietnamese)

Journal papers and book chapters

Giang K. Nguyen & Thai Q. Nguyen (2021) Civil society and extractive capacity in authoritarian regimes: empirical evidence from Vietnam, Asian Journal of Political Science, DOI: 10.1080/02185377.2021.1880455

Nguyen, T.Q., Nguyen, G.K. (2020) The impacts of civil society and inequality on the extractive capacity of authoritarian regimes: a conceptual model and the case study of Vietnam. Constitutional Political Economy.

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